Posters have always been groovy concert souvenirs, but now they’re recognized as investment-worthy art. Need proof? Check out our top picks from this upcoming poster auction, where price estimates range from $700-$4,000.

Poster values have been steadily increasing year-on-year. Quality pieces are in high demand. Auction houses like Christie’s and Bloomsbury hold specialized poster sales throughout the year. By growing a collection of concert posters of a particular band, artist or venue, you can increase the overall value of your investment.

Factors that influence the price of music posters include:

  • Rarity
  • Artist or designer
  • Subject
  • Style
  • Period
  • Condition

With that in mind, we’re drawing your attention to a series of new, authentic, mint-condition posters worth investing in now. Prices range from $40-$45 CAD.

These limited edition silk-screen original prints measure 18″ x 24″ and are designed to be beautiful and rare mementos of Polaris Music Prize shortlisted albums.

Since 2006, the Polaris Music Prize has honoured music artists who produce Canadian albums of distinction. A panel of music critics judge and award the Prize (full disclosure: I’m a member of the jury). Each year, posters are commissioned to represent the shortlisted albums. This year’s shortlist has just been announced, and we’re eagerly awaiting the unveiling of this year’s posters. Until then, here are some of the top posters from previous years available for sale on the Polaris Music Prize website.