Poster Auctions International, Inc. has been dealing in notable and important posters since 1985. Three times a year, they hold an auction of rare and unique posters. Here are the music posters on offer at their July 20 live auction, hosted by Invaluable.

Posters are great investments. Unlike band t-shirts, they’re one-size-fits-all. They’re easy to display (in fact, they’re made to display), and their value can be tied to either the poster artist or the advertised band.

A few tips for your vintage poster investment:

  • Have your poster mounted on linen or backed with thin Japan paper.
  • Don’t have it dry-mounted to a board.
  • If you’re framing it, opt for plexiglass instead of glass.
  • Learn more in this handy article, ‘On Buying a Vintage Poster: What You Need to Know, courtesy of Swann Galleries.