Elvis’ Amazing Jockstrap Listed For Stunning $50,000+

The madhouse that is Paul Fraser Collectibles has a sparkly, fan-made undergarment that once belonged to The King for sale online priced at £29,950 ($51,940.49 CAD).

Paul Fraser Collectibles claims the world’s largest private stock of collectibles. This British institution deals in fully authenticated rare manuscripts, autographs, postage stamps, space memorabilia and more.

I first became aware of them when researching the price of Justin Bieber’s hair for my book, ‘Is Canada Even Real?‘ Since then, I have delighted in their weird and wonderous listings, like this one:

A rhinestone jockstrap bearing Elvis Presley’s initials (“EP”). Once housed in the Elvis Presley Museum collection in Memphis, curated by Elvis’ long time friend Jimmy Velvet. 

According to Velvet, the jockstrap was gifted to Elvis by a fan. Elvis subsequently gave it to his cousin Billy Smith’s son.   

Housed in an attractive display frame. 

Free global delivery. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included.

We are here all day long for the tension between the high art world’s notion of housing a museum-quality item in an attractive display frame and the kitschy, bejewelled gotch contained therewithin.