Best Merch Picks From Arts & Crafts Right Now

Legendary Toronto music label Arts & Crafts has an online shop for merch and music. Plus, they have a record club, and if you join (we did), you get records in the mail plus a 25% discount at their online shop.

Are you wondering what the best picks for merch are right now? So were we.

So we took a look, and here are a trickle of highlights. Check out the whole selection here and maybe join the record club so we can be record club friends.

Dan Mangan – Nice, Nice, Very Nice 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition $30. This is a steal for a beautiful 2-LP set commemorating a super-good album. We can’t believe it’s been 10 years. Time is not your friend. But this deluxe edition could be.
Andy Shauf – Full Vinyl Discography $55. We want this so bad. It might be our first purchase with the 25% discount we gained when we joined the A&C Record Club. We ran into Andy once and we got this accidentally super-hoser photo where Andy is holding a hockey stick in the nation’s capital while I grin like an idiot in a Roots toque:
Theo Alexander – Sunbathing Through A Glass Screen $24. The cover art alone has got us gaga.
Broken Social Scene – Jessica Eaton Jeremy Laing T-Shirt $75. This is a handsome, fancy shirt, and you can tell by the price tag. T-shirts can be a tricky investment piece unless they’re framable. Not everything has to be for investment purposes, though. Some things can just be for joy purposes.
Lowell – Baseball T-Shirt $15. Great shirt style, great design.
Dan Mangan – “Who is Dan Mangan” T-Shirt $25. If you would like for your shirt to start conversations, this may be the shirt for you. Also, if you would not like to engage in a conversation, you can direct the talker to just read your shirt. We like that it says ‘sorry’. Great colour. Great font. This shirt has everything going for it. Looks super-soft.

They have heaps of other great stuff over there, so go check it out. What’s on your wishlist? Leave a comment and let us know.