The highlight of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” and 2021’s breakout music star by far first sparked rumours of a Sour Patch Kids collab when photos of her visiting the Sour Patch Kids flagship store in New York City surfaced on May 17.

We didn’t know there was a Sour Patch Kids flagship store, and if you didn’t either, this video could help you visualize this situation:

Interest intensified on May 19 when the candy brand, known in France as Very Bad Kids, posted on Twitter: “Wednesday? Didn’t we just do Wednesday? Feel like I’m having deja vu … so weird.” Obvs this was a reference to Rodrigo’s hit “Deja Vu”.

Who even were we before May 21, the day that Rodrigo released her debut record, ‘Sour’? Were we even a people? What were we doing with our lives?

May 21 was also the launch date of a new contest from Rodrigo and Sour Patch Kids featuring signed boxes of the new, officially-unveiled Olivia Rodrigo Sour Patch Kids.

The sweets are available exclusively at the Sour Patch Kids flagship store in NYC and through the #OliviaRodrigoSOURSweepstakes on Twitter which closed on May 22, 2021.