The LEGO® Ideas Grand Piano model kit (21323) has 3,662 pieces that create a motorized piano that actually plays. What an adorable marvel. Exquisite details make this a true showpiece for collectors. It’s available for 479.99 CAD right now on the LEGO website.

Is LEGO a good investment?

Yes. A 2019 report fro Russia’s Higher School of Economics revealed that LEGO did better than traditional investments like gold, stocks and bonds — yielding an average return of about 11% between 1987 to 2015.

Here are some eye-popping sales figures:

  • The LEGO Captain America & Iron Man set from the 2012 New York Toy Fair sold for $11,200 USD
  • The rare LEGO Magician and Zombie from the 2015 Manager Conference sold for $11,150.
  • The complete collection of 55 LEGO Harry Potter sets and minifigs sold for $10,000.

For more details, see this excellent article from Cnet, ‘Lego bricks outshine gold bars as investments, study finds‘.