We’ve never had an inaugural ball, so we had no idea that there could be an official inaugural ball saxophone. We knew only that there could be an official Arsenio Hall Show saxophone, but this is not that.

Available at auction July 14-15 at Guernsey’s ‘A Century of Music’ Auction is Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Ball Armstrong Saxophone.

Clinton was inaugurated in 1993. Celebs in attendance signed the sax, including:

Christine McVie wrote “Don’t Stop!” in reference to Clinton’s campaign theme song, Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop”.

The sax comes with a press pass and an invitation to the Inaugural Ball. So if you can time travel, dude, that’d be so rad.

(TWIST: There are actually two official Clinton inaugural saxophones. He played two different saxes that night, as is customary for all incoming American presidents.)

The starting bid is $18,474.38 CAD ($15,000 USD).

Here’s John Mulaney talking about that Fleetwood Mac campaign theme song.