We are the fan club for music merch.

We are the arbiter of tomorrow’s music investment pieces. 

By boosting the music merch industry, we work to support music artists in an era of declining revenues due to streaming and the pandemic.

As streaming cuts into artists’ revenue, merch becomes increasingly important to their bottom line.

We love music artists.

We want to boost their bottom line.

We highlight music merch and music NFTs, we showcasing them, explain their potential future value, and positioning them as investments.

Music merch was a $3.5 billion industry in 2018, up from just more than $3 billion two years before. Streaming has “prompted the industry’s largest companies to generate revenue through a range of artist support services that extend beyond simply generating income from music sales”, such as merchandise.

According to Licensing International, a trade group that tracks sales data on licensed merchandise.

Our Mission

We are working to create:

  • a valuable resource for music collectors
  • a niche outlet for advertisers
  • an opportunity for earned media for merch businesses and artists
  • an entertaining read for pop culture fans.

Our Vision

  • Increase revenue for artists by bolstering the market for merch by positioning it as an investment.
  • Foster a community of collectors and fans who love the hunt for music merch.
  • Create value for advertisers by connecting them to this readership.

We Create Connections

We want to see your favourite collectors’ item. We want to hear about your music merch grail. We want to see videos of your collection. We want to help you show off your treasures to the world.

We follow auction houses, tastemakers, manufacturers, insiders, labels, artists, influencers and more to show you the latest, most dazzling and delightful merch for music lovers, both tangible and NFT.

Letter From The Editor

My mother was an English teacher. My father was a banker. That makes me a good writer with a nose for investing.

When I was 12, I bought my first Beatles vinyl. Then, when I was 13, I started collecting Beatles memorabilia. 

I studied journalism at Carleton University. But music was a better fit, so that’s the department where I got my B.A. After that, I earned a post-graduate diploma in online journalism. (That’s when I invested in the domain name alltogethernow.ca.)

After college, I went to work at the Banff Centre for the Arts. They needed someone with an arts background who could build websites and work with artists on the electronic components of their art.

Back home in Ontario, I became the senior web editor at Canadian Living. I put the brand on Twitter before Oprah or Martha had even heard of it. Not just because I believe in Twitter, but because I believe in pioneering in new spaces, the power of new technology, and the value of curiosity.

Sometimes it pays off. It did that time.

I was promoted to become the first social media director at Transcontinental Media, in charge of all the social media channels for beloved national brands including Elle, Style at Home, Canadian Gardener, Canadian Living, The Hockey News and more.

In addition to editorial content, I’ve also written sponsored content, advertorial, tweets, testimonials, ad copy and more for some of Canada’s most trusted brands, including Joe Fresh, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, ING, Olay, Robin Hood, Ubisoft, Dairy Farmers of Canada, CAA, Iams, and more.

I wrote a novel on mat leave, got an agent, and returned to the Banff Centre as a literary artist in residence.

After that, I started a CanLit zine featuring the literary artists I worked with at Banff.

The goal was to get a book deal. It worked. ‘Is Canada Even Real’ (Dundurn, 2017) is one of the 100 most-read books by Canadians.

Now I write about music for ET Canada. But I’m ready to get more niche. I want to get back into the joy of collecting, the thrill of investing, the euphoria of a great deal. And I want to share it with you.

All the best,
J.C. Villamere

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