1. ‘People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm’
  2. ‘The Low End Theory’
  3. ‘Midnight Marauders’
  4. ‘Beats, Rhymes And Life’
  5. ‘The Love Movement’
This offering earns from tracks performed by the genre-defining hip-hop group.

Revenue is generated every time a jam from one of those albums is:

  • streamed
  • sampled
  • played on the radio, in a movie, or in a TV show
  • played in a commercial

Last year, 1.5% of those royalties was equivalent to $6,000 USD. That’s $7,392.93 CAD.

Auction winner Stephen F paid the winning bid of 40.191 ETH, which is about $84,765 USD, or $104,443.62 CAD.

So if the royalties continue to earn about $7400.00 a year, Stephen F’s investment will have paid itself off in 14 years (2035). After that, it’s pure earnings.

This auction follows Royalty Exchange’s first music publishing NFT with rapper Lil Dicky, which included royalties for “Save Dat Money.” The winning bid was 9.209 ETH, roughly $23,209 USD. That’s $28,597.09 CAD.